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Accessories (watches to be specific)

No wardrobe is complete without accessories (watches, messenger bags, sunglasses). These accessories can be the pièce de résistance to any outfit you throw together. No matter how great your fits are or how good your color combinations are, a good watch will take your out fits to the next level. I know from this experience. I bought for watch recently and now all my outfits like light years better than before. They add a new level of sophistication to your outfit. For those new to world of fashion I’ll link to some my favorite brands and hopefully they’ll help on your journey.


I Love Ugly



BWGH x Puma

For those of you who don’t know, BWGH stands for, Brooklyn We Go Hard. In recent weeks they have announced a collaboration with Puma. All the information available at moment is only teaser video posted a few days as well as a look at one of colorways for the R968 model shoe.. They’ve titled collection “Bluefield”. If these teasers are foreshadowing what is come, we should be looking at a great collection.  I personally am excited for this release, BWGH has never disappointed with their own collection and I’m interested to see how their design style will cross over with Puma’s essence. Here’s a link to the video!




Yohji Yamamoto

Ignorance won’t get you anywhere. So educate yo’ self.

The more you know about the history of fashion the more knowledge you will become fashion in general and will create an even better wardrobe. I could right about different designers for hours, but what I’m hoping to do is to spark curiosity into you guys. Hopefully, you will take it upon yourself and do some research and enrich yourself knowledge.

Yohji Yamamoto is an influential designer hailing from the colorful country of Japan. Born in 1943 in Tokyo, Japan and today he is 70 years young, still putting out great collections. Since debuting in Paris in 1981 (successfully), Yohji continues to put clothing regularly on his two main lines: Yohji Yamamoto (men/women) and Y’s. Prolific in every sense of the word, this man is one of my favorites, if not the favorite. Yohji is known for is avant-garde style of designs. His designs were cutting-edge the never seized in quality or beauty.  He is a very influential designer in the world of fashion, during his prime and to this day.

There are hundreds of designers that do not get recognition they deserve. Take a little bit of time of your day and learn about the legends of fashion. You won’t regret it once you see their collections. Each one just beautiful as the one before it, you’ll stop considering it clothing, but consider them nothing less than a true form of art.




Discovery Ain’t Easy

Defining your personal style isn’t easy. It can be difficult at times to discover what looks good on you or what style you even want to pursue. Once you do find that niche style which you would like to imitate and tailor to make your own, it becomes difficult to find quality brands which supply clothes that fit the style you are looking for. I have encountered this problem first-hand and it is a bitch. It can become frustrating very quickly.

The quest to find the perfect fitting jeans or the ultimate parka is no easy one. Some get lucky and find the best brands just by stumbling across them on random travels through the seemingly infinite World Wide Web. Honestly, the only way to find brands you love is just by stumbling upon them. Just about every single brand I wear today, I’ve discovered after hours of aimless wanderings of the web. But I know most of you do not want to do that, so I’m here to help you out. One of the forums I frequent have created wiki-page that entails everything fashion. I’ve linked to them before: One of the sub-sections is contains hundreds brands from around the world. I don’t think there is a better jumping point than this list. You are guaranteed to find a least one brand you will love and that will trigger a chain reaction that will lead to discovery of dozens of more brands. I hope you up-and-coming fashionistas find this site as useful as I did when I was starting out in the world of Men’s Fashion.  Enjoy. 

Supernodes in the World of Men’s Fashion

Being new to the world of blogging, it can be difficult at times to find reliable information. Through my experiences, I have been able to find a few blogs, three to be exact, that are able to provide reliable information time after time. These blogs are supernodes in the community of men’s fashion, which means that connect others in the community to reliable information and sources. HYPEBEAST, superfuture, and Freshness Mag have been my “go-to” blogs for a long time now. They always keep me up to date on the latest lookbooks, flagship stores, and news in the world of Men’s Fashion. The information the put out resonates throughout the online community and they are highly respected. If you plan on starting a blog, checking out these sites is a must. 

My Experience with Wikipedia

I took it upon myself to help in the efforts of curing the world of ignorance. So i decided help contribute to a Wikipedia page. Surprisingly enough, it was a quite fulfilling experience. Although some are disheartened from using Wikipedia due the misconceptions that the information that holds is unreliable, which is entirely false. Wikipedia as a large community dedicated and take pride in make sure all the pages within the colossus of site holds information that is coherent and correct. So give it chance, help share your knowledge on anything. Spread the insight you know about fashion maybe to throughout the complex catacombs of the internet and maybe help somebody be inspired become a new connoisseur of fashion.

Twinkle and Kevin Talk Food and Fashion @ HYPEBEAST

Fashion and food may seem like an unlikely pairing but the number of high-quality blogs that showcase both subjects is on the rise. Here is a special collaborative blog post between Kevin at Chic in the Sheets and Twinkle at Oh Twinkle that features two links from Hypebeast where the stylish and culinary pursuits intersect:

Twinkle: Hypebeast predominantly focuses on streetwear rather than high-fashion so it makes sense that their food posts are geared towards everyday eats. They feature an interesting hybrid travel show and cultural documentary called Semipermanent. Semipermanent is a web series on Vimeo that is hosted by Erik Moynihan and Tiffany Needham. Each episode’s subject matter differs but all of them center around stories from expatriates living in Seoul, Korea. Hypebeast showcases the 3rd installment “Eat To Live” of the series which is about food. I enjoyed the insights about the dedication some Korean restaurants and food stalls have for fresh, high-quality, local and organic foods.

Episode 3: “Live to Eat” from Semipermanent on Vimeo.

Now what does this have to do with Paleo? To be completely forthcoming: nearly all of the food showcased in this episode are non-compliant but there are definitely key Korean food staples that can work in a Primal/Paleo context: many of fermented and pickled kimchi; mussels in broth; bulgogi; and if you do allow for fermented soy, up opens the world of Korean stews and noodle soups. As you may tell from my previous blog posts, I am a fan of ethnic foods and would love to see more culinary variety in the Primal/Paleo world. However for the less adventurous, there are other tastes highlighted in the episode. You meet a Moroccan duo making delicious and unique Moorish sandwiches; an American tasting many different Chinese dishes in Daerim, a predominantly Chinese area in South Korea; and also a Korean street food cart serving up twists on the classic American hot dog. All in all, the overarching theme in this episode is how the culture shapes the “culinary terroir” of food and that is always interesting, no matter what type of diet or fashion you follow.

Kevin: Personalization is everything in a personal wardrobe/style. It is often times difficult to truly personalize one’s style, but I think HYPEBEAST as found a sure-fire way to help you out on the quest of personalization.

HYPEBEAST has endured as a site which delivers reliable fashion news. This site also as a great series which they call “Essentials”, which where they ask important figures in the world of fashion what items they use in their everyday lives. Our lives are in constant motion and it is consistently difficult to keep with personal style, especially, when the stress that accompanies everyday life is encumbering you. But as self-proclaimed connoisseurs of fashion, we perceiver and do our best to make certain that we are able to swell. There are certain items that will eventually become staples of your own personal style: watches, hats, wallets, bracelets, etc. These “Essentials” are indispensible and necessary in our everyday outfits


It’s hard to stick out in the world of streetwear when everybody is striving to obtain the same brands and types of clothing you are. So these “Essentials” that HYPEBEAST posts is great reference to see how different people personalize their style and make their wardrobe unique to themselves. I know for a fact these “Essentials” post have paved a way to plethora of ideas for personalization. Hopefully the can do the same for you and anybody else on the journey of becoming a one-of-a-kind fashionable gentlemen.

Hype is the Black Plague of Streetwear

I hate hype.

Hype has caused the empire that was once streetwear to crumble upon itself. Hype is when a collection, collaboration, or product is advertised to point where everybody and their mothers are brainwashed to believe they cannot live without said item. Hype used to be a good thing. It helped local brands, and it would usually gravitate towards clothing that actually looked good. Now-a-days, hype is the epitome of everything I hate about the world of streetwear today.

I’d like to showcase one my favorite brands of all time, Supreme New York. Supreme was built on the values that is the sub-culture of skateboarding. Season after season this brand was able to put together some of the best collections I’ve seen. They didn’t care about the masses, and they made clothes that pleased them. Today, Supreme is one of the biggest names in streetwear of all time. But with fame, there comes a price. That price is hype. It was not long before the hype started to become out of hand, and people were willing to sell their mother’s soul to the devil, just for one piece from Supreme. Now, Supreme has begun to drown in its own ego.

Supreme is not the only brand to fall victim to the plague that is hype. Brands like Diamond Supply Co. or Nike’s Air Jordan line (the most hyped shoes of all time). Once these brands are infected by the plague, they’re vision becomes blurred, they begin to stray from the values they were built on. In the end, their collections that were once welcomed by boisterous followers fell far-below par.

Hype is only good in moderation and when it’s for the right reasons. If hype continues to run rampant as it as for the last few years, it won’t be long before brands begin to burn out and collapse before their third collections. I haven’t lost hope though. They are still brands dealing with the hype they receive, and are still able to stick to the values they were built on. These brands include the likes of Raised By Wolves and I love Ugly. Brands like these are my patron saints of streetwear, and they keep my hope alive for the future of streetwear fashion.

What trends will Paris Fashion Week resonate through the upcoming seasons?

Fashion month is long behind us, and most recently ending was Paris Fashion Week. There were so many great collections and so much garbage, that it can not all be covered in this one blog post. So after a couple of hours of scouring the internet, reading, examining, and appreciating countless articles and sideshows; I’ve compiled what I believe are the best articles and sideshows over Paris Fashion week. Paris as a huge impact on the world of fashion and it is only a matter of time before the waves of fashion week begin to crash against the minds of designers at our favorite brands. The influence is coming and you will start to see it before you know it. So use this as reference and educate yourself on what is to come in next season’s collections.

The Death of High Fashion

High fashion is the almighty god that reins over all trends, throughout the seasons, year after year. It influences all realms of fashion whether it be street wear or traditional wear. Yet as time progresses and as the times change, the world of high fashion is slowing collapsing open itself. In this new of social media, the only thing on anybody’s mind is getting noticed. This is starting to become ever-growing apparent in the world of high-fashion.

As fashion week after fashion week passes throughout the world, originality and innovations is starting to be replaced by unoriginal, bland, and shock value. Not too long ago Jeremy Scott came under scrutiny for his collection which had a striking resemblance to a collection of skateboards by Santa Cruz. “I regret that certain pieces of my February 2013 Fall Winter fashion line incorporated imagery that was similar to images owned by NHS and Messrs. Phillips. I now recognize my mistake and out of respect to their work and their rights, the clothing and handbags at issue will not be produced or distributed.”(Jeremy Scott). Jeremy Scott gave this apology statement, which in all honesty was complete bullshit. Jeremy knew exactly what he was doing while creating his collection, yet he went along with it anyway. Jeremy Scott is a prime example of what is wrong in the world. Although the issue was resolved, and Jeremy Scott received the consequences he deserved, it is still a perfect example of what the fashion world is coming to.

Innovation is commonly misconstrued into horrible fits and disgusting designs by some designers. The brand Hood by Air (HBA) showcased their new Spring/Summer Collections for 2014, and it consisted of mostly garbage. There was an overabundance of disgusting fits, terrible craftsmanship, and just horrible clothes in general. I will give HBA credit for having a few good pieces in their collection, but it doesn’t make up for the rest of the trash. HBA’s collection is an impeccable example of designers leaving quality and aesthetics behind for the sake of getting noticed. Fashion is a form art and I understand that some designers are trying to just express themselves, but there is a certain threshold at which point the designs stop becoming art and becomes a tool which designers use to feed their blood-thirsty hunger for attention.  There there was a time when innovation and beautiful aesthetics could get you that attention. There were designers like Yohji Yamamoto, who would create glorious pieces of clothing with master craftsmanship. That era is unfortunately dying.

Designers hunger attention is distorting their minds and it is affecting their work. Attention is all people want these days, and some designers will do whatever it takes to get it. The world of high fashion use to be pure and beautiful works of craftsmanship and innovation would emerge from it, but now all we have are childish designers creating childish designs in the never-ending search for attention.  Read the rest of this entry »